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Benefits for builders' merchants

bulletProfitable: CAPIT is competitively-priced, superior product, and so there is no need to shave profit margins.
bulletCompact: Because of their design, CAPIT joist seals can be interleaved in their packaging, and they are devoid of large flanges and tabs to interfere with tight packing. It is estimated that a box of CAPIT joist seals occupies as little as about 15% of the volume of a box of the same number of flanged, closed-bottomed, joist seals. Less space taken up in the warehouse.
bulletSimplified stocking: Each size of CAPIT joist seal:
bulletfits any thickness of wall leaf over 85mm
bulletcan be trimmed on site for smaller joist heights

can be packed on site for smaller joist heights and thicknesses


can be used with traditional timber joists or modern engineered I-joists

and so a small product range covers all common joist sizes and types.