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Product description

The CAPIT joist seal is an open-fronted and open-bottomed box that is injection-moulded in polypropylene.

It is fitted over the end of a joist that is to be built into a wall. The sides of the box converge slightly so that the seal grips the joist while the wall is built around it.

As the wall is built, a flange around the open front of the joist seal becomes embedded in the mortar to seal the CAPIT to the wall.

Once the wall has been built, the CAPIT joist seal is completely concealed behind the front face of the wall.

When used with a traditional timber joist which, in time, shrinks or splits, the CAPIT joist seal serves to limit air leakage through the wall .

When used with an engineered I-beam joist, the CAPIT joist seal blocks any air passageways that may remain between the web and flanges of the joist and the surrounding structure.


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