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The figures speak for themselves

The basic CAPIT joist seals are BBA approved - certificate No. 07/4459. To view a copy of the certificate in Acrobat format, click here.

NHBC accepts the use of the basic Capit Joist End Seal, when installed and used in accordance with the BBA certificate, as meeting the requirements of the NHBC Standards 2007, Chapter 6.1 External masonry walls, Design standards D12 and D13.

Tests carried out by CERAM on the CAPIT CY225/50 joist seal produced the outstandingly low leakage rate of 0.37 m3/hour at a pressure of 50 Pa.

According to Manthorpe's published data, corresponding tests carried out by CERAM produced values of 0.54 m3/hour for their joist seal; 0.59 m3/hour for a JHMI joist hanger; and 0.99 m3/hour for a joist end traditionally built into a wall with mastic detailing to NHBC specification.

According to Easy Joist's published data, corresponding tests carried out by CERAM revealed a leakage value of 0.57 m3/hour past their 225 x 45 mm joist cap.


Product Air leakage
(m3/hour @ 50 Pa)
Extra leakage
compared to CAPIT
CAPIT 0.37 -
Manthorpe 0.54 +46%
Easy Joist 0.57 +54%
Joist hanger 0.59 +59%
NHBC detailing (mastic) 0.99 +168%

No contest. Simply the best!